Nicky Coules challenges Sinn Fein candidate on ‘needless bravado’ over water charges.

Councillor Nicky Coules, the People before Profit candidate for the Dublin South West bye- election has challenged Sinn Fein’s Cathal King on statements he made on the water charge issue.

Ina statement, Councillor Coules said,

‘I was extremely surprised to read a statement from Cathal King which says he will be charged for not returning n Irish Water pack. His leaflets states that  ‘Cathal returned his Irish Water pack unopened. He did this in the knowledge that he will be charged.’

But what exactly will he be charged with?  Is it now an offence in Ireland not to engage with a public utility company like Irish Water?

‘This is a needless piece of bravado from an election candidate seeking votes. Unfortunately, it also does a disservice to the real campaign of opposition. People need to stick together and not pretend that the issue is about defying arrest.

‘Sinn Fein are also adopting the wrong strategy by claiming that we have to wait until they abolish them in government. There is a real danger they will be ’bedded down’ by then.

‘Instead of trusting a politician’s promise, we need to rely on people power to defeat these charges. This means getting out on the streets now and refusing to pay the charges.

‘In 1996, a mass movement defeated the water charges – even though the Irish government was told by the EU that they had to be imposed on domestic  users.

‘Charges were also abolished in the North because of ‘people power’. A huge movement forced both the DUP and Sinn Fein to back down on proposals to bring in the charges.

‘If we wait for Sinn Fein in government to abolish the charges we could be waiting  long time. I do not doubt the sincerity of Cathal’s opposition .But Sinn Fein has not ruled out a coalition with either Fianna Fail or the Labour Party. So what guarantee is there that these parties will go along with a call to fully abolish the charges?

‘I am calling on people to come out in big numbers for a national demonstration against water charges on October 11th. We can defeat them if enough get involved.

For confirmation: Telephone Nicky Coules on 086 8532326

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