South Dublin County Council Workers: Stay Strong Against Management

People Before Profit wholeheartedly support South Dublin County Council’s Road Department workers protesting for their wages today (Friday 16th May 2014). The management in SDCC seem to want to make the deduction of wages a regular occurrance. Only before Christmas the Parks Department workers were docked a two days wages. They then staged an occupation of the council building and had all wages owed returned to them. This proves that people power and protest works. Hopefully the workers protesting today (Friday 16th May 2014) will have the same outcome.SDCC Nicky Protest

Gateway – Forced Labour

There is also a general attack on council workers taking place. The new Gateway scheme, where unemployed people will be working for the council for €50 on top of social welfare payments, is a way of undermining wages and conditions for all council workers. It is also being used to replace some of the jobs lost in the councils during the recession. SIPTU, IMPACT and other unions need to take a clear stand against Gateway in order to protect their members.

Vote Left and Anti-Austerity next Friday (23rd May 2014)

People Before Profit are standing four candidates for SDCC. Voting for PBP or other Anti-Austerity groups will send a message to Fine Gael and Labour that we’re sick of their cutbacks and attacks on working people.

People Before Profit Stands for:

  • Real jobs, not forced labour of Gateway and Jobbridge
  • No to water charges, put water services back in the hands of the local councils
  • Stop the privatisation of local services – take the bin services back to the councils
  • More democracy and transparency in the councils
  • Organise union members in grassroots movements against union leaders

Our candidates for SDCC:      Tallaght South: Nicky Coules                                                                                                             Rathfarnham: John Flanagan                                                                                                             Clondalkin: Cllr Gino Kenny                                                                                                             Lucan: Ruth Nolan

If you agree and want to join People Before Profit text ‘Join’ to 087 2836694

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