People Before Profit stands record number of candidates for South Dublin County Council elections

PRESS RELEASE:People Before Profit stands record number of candidates for South Dublin County Council elections


The People Before Profit Alliance is standing a record number of candidates for SDCC in the upcoming election. The four selected candidates were officially nominated today at the SDCC offices in Tallaght.

The candidates are:
Cllr Gino Kenny – Clondalkin
Ruth Nolan – Lucan
Nicky Coules – Tallaght South
John Flanagan – Rathfarnham
Simultaneously, a national launch of 43 candidates was taking place in Buswell’s Hotel with the publication of the local election manifesto.

Some of the issues in the ‘Local Government Manifesto’ includes:

1. No to Water Charges – Mobilise the community to resist

2. Full transparency and democratic oversight of council budgets

3. Tackle the housing crisis – build more social housing and introduce rent controls
4. Reverse the privatisation of local services
Cllr Gino Kenny said: ‘People have had enough of broken promises from the mainstream parties. It’s time to elect radical candidates who will help encourage the local community to fight back against the governments austerity agenda.’
Ruth Nolan said: ‘I’m delighted to stand as a candidate in the Lucan area for People Before Profit. We need a real change in local politics, we need more transparency and democracy on council level to give the power back to the people.’
Nicky Coules said: ‘Water charges is the main issue we’re encountering on the doorsteps. People simply can’t afford to pay for water, on top of all the other stealth taxes like household charge, property tax and Universal Social Charge.’
John Flanagan said: ‘I have seen the ugly face of austerity in the health service where I work as a mental health nurse for the Dublin Simon Community. While the bankers walk away free ordinary people are paying the price for their crimes.’
For information or a copy of the manifesto contact:
Cllr Gino Kenny  085 7211574
Ruth Nolan  086 8540030
Nicky Coules 086 8532326
John Flanagan 086 7337783
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