Watch me demonstrate the removal of a water meter

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The government says that this is the last day of free water.

The government says that this is the last day of free water. But a powerful movement of ‘people power’ is growing. We can defeat these charges just as we did in 1996. Vote No 1 Nicky Coules, the anti-water charges candidate.


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Invitation Lost in the post

Candidates debate without the other 7 candidates . The invitation must have gone to a privilege few . There are 11 people standing in this bye election. As an elected councillor for South Dublin Co Co who is standing in this bye election I am astonished that I am not invited . How can this be a fair campaign? I am a local man fighting for local issues but once again we the local people are overlooked . Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens are meant to participate equally. Doesn’t seem like democracy is happening in this bye election .


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Nicky Coules challenges Sinn Fein candidate on ‘needless bravado’ over water charges.

Councillor Nicky Coules, the People before Profit candidate for the Dublin South West bye- election has challenged Sinn Fein’s Cathal King on statements he made on the water charge issue.

Ina statement, Councillor Coules said,

‘I was extremely surprised to read a statement from Cathal King which says he will be charged for not returning n Irish Water pack. His leaflets states that  ‘Cathal returned his Irish Water pack unopened. He did this in the knowledge that he will be charged.’

But what exactly will he be charged with?  Is it now an offence in Ireland not to engage with a public utility company like Irish Water?

‘This is a needless piece of bravado from an election candidate seeking votes. Unfortunately, it also does a disservice to the real campaign of opposition. People need to stick together and not pretend that the issue is about defying arrest.

‘Sinn Fein are also adopting the wrong strategy by claiming that we have to wait until they abolish them in government. There is a real danger they will be ’bedded down’ by then.

‘Instead of trusting a politician’s promise, we need to rely on people power to defeat these charges. This means getting out on the streets now and refusing to pay the charges.

‘In 1996, a mass movement defeated the water charges – even though the Irish government was told by the EU that they had to be imposed on domestic  users.

‘Charges were also abolished in the North because of ‘people power’. A huge movement forced both the DUP and Sinn Fein to back down on proposals to bring in the charges.

‘If we wait for Sinn Fein in government to abolish the charges we could be waiting  long time. I do not doubt the sincerity of Cathal’s opposition .But Sinn Fein has not ruled out a coalition with either Fianna Fail or the Labour Party. So what guarantee is there that these parties will go along with a call to fully abolish the charges?

‘I am calling on people to come out in big numbers for a national demonstration against water charges on October 11th. We can defeat them if enough get involved.

For confirmation: Telephone Nicky Coules on 086 8532326

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Open letter to Greyhound from People Before Profit Alliance Councillors,( Brid Smith, Gino Kenny and Nicky Coules).

Greyhounds recent press statement in two local Clondalkin papers(Gazette & The Echo) published 31st July was incriminating, misleading and defamatory. On July 28th PBP Alliance held a solidarity picket at Crag Avenue Clondalkin, to protest at the use of scab labour by Greyhound, and at the continuing mistreatment of its striking workers.

Those who attended included PBP councillors, as named above, and a number of residents from the local community.Greyhound may not agree with our protest or our right to protest, and they have a right to make a statement, and to disapprove. However, their response in the media insinuated that this protest was linked to a spate of criminal attacks on Greyhound trucks involving armed masked men. It is our opinion that Greyhound used Cllr Kenny’s arrest to deliberately discuss alleged criminal activity, so as to incriminate supporters of the strikers, the workers on strike, and PBP Alliance. It must be noted Cllr Kenny was arrested for blocking a truck, and released without charge. Greyhounds’ response when asked about the protest was to call on SIPTU to condemn a spate of criminal attacks on Greyhound trucks and to control its striking members. Greyhound clearly diverted from giving opinion or a response to the July 28th protest, and instead emphasised alleged intimidation and criminality throughout their statement. Although they do not clarify or state protesters on July 28th were linked to criminal attacks, their emphasis on discussing such matters was insinuating. We believe the public reading their statement in the press would have linked protesters to the alleged criminal attacks.

Greyhound also claimed that two protesters on July 28th “spat copiously” into the face of a young man attempting to enter the Greyhound depot. This accusation is false, and is defamatory of all those present on the protest. PBP Alliance has spoke to all persons who attended the protest and no one spat at anyone, and no one saw any such incident. Greyhounds solicitor along with two other men photographed and recorded the protest, they also have cameras on their premises.

We are asking that they produce evidence of this incident. We are also asking they clarify publicly that PBP Alliance, and all those present on July 28th are not linked to any campaign of intimidation or criminal attacks on their trucks.

As the local elected representatives who called and attended the solidarity protest we feel it is necessary that people wanting to support and stand with the Greyhound strikers are not tarnished as criminals. We also have confirmation from the workers that no criminal activity or intimidation has occurred at Crag Avenue or Knockmitten depots at anytime while they have been on picket, by them, or any supporters. Greyhound may not agree with the strikers or anyone supporting them on the picket, but this does not give them a right to incriminate or defame persons.Yours sincerely Cllr Brid Smith, Cllr Gino Kenny & Cllr Nicky Coules

Contact Nicky Coules 0868532326

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South Dublin County Council Workers: Stay Strong Against Management

People Before Profit wholeheartedly support South Dublin County Council’s Road Department workers protesting for their wages today (Friday 16th May 2014). The management in SDCC seem to want to make the deduction of wages a regular occurrance. Only before Christmas the Parks Department workers were docked a two days wages. They then staged an occupation of the council building and had all wages owed returned to them. This proves that people power and protest works. Hopefully the workers protesting today (Friday 16th May 2014) will have the same outcome.SDCC Nicky Protest

Gateway – Forced Labour

There is also a general attack on council workers taking place. The new Gateway scheme, where unemployed people will be working for the council for €50 on top of social welfare payments, is a way of undermining wages and conditions for all council workers. It is also being used to replace some of the jobs lost in the councils during the recession. SIPTU, IMPACT and other unions need to take a clear stand against Gateway in order to protect their members.

Vote Left and Anti-Austerity next Friday (23rd May 2014)

People Before Profit are standing four candidates for SDCC. Voting for PBP or other Anti-Austerity groups will send a message to Fine Gael and Labour that we’re sick of their cutbacks and attacks on working people.

People Before Profit Stands for:

  • Real jobs, not forced labour of Gateway and Jobbridge
  • No to water charges, put water services back in the hands of the local councils
  • Stop the privatisation of local services – take the bin services back to the councils
  • More democracy and transparency in the councils
  • Organise union members in grassroots movements against union leaders

Our candidates for SDCC:      Tallaght South: Nicky Coules                                                                                                             Rathfarnham: John Flanagan                                                                                                             Clondalkin: Cllr Gino Kenny                                                                                                             Lucan: Ruth Nolan

If you agree and want to join People Before Profit text ‘Join’ to 087 2836694

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Final Election Leaflet – Tallaght South

Here is my latest election leaflet for the local elections which has been distributed to over 3500 houses as of yet, more to follow over the next week.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 16.16.31Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 16.16.47

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Brid Smith for MEP

Here are Brid Smith’s leaflets that have been dropped into letterboxes all over Dublin as well as given out at stalls as well.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 16.17.32Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 16.17.09

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 16.15.38Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 16.16.05

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 16.18.03Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 16.18.38Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 16.18.46

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The Watery Woes of E. Gilmore

The Labour Party has a bad dose of the trots. Its poll ratings continue to tumble. It is staring into the same abyss where vanished PD’s and the Green Party. Its canvassers at the door steps are about as welcome as a fart in a space suit. The spectre that haunts them is named Water Charges. It may be their undoing and they know it. Their euro candidate for Ireland South, Phil Prendergast has become so rattled that she wants to dump Gilmore as leader, and probably as everything else as well. Only this can explain all the huffing and puffing and tweaking on the proposed standing charge for water. They are moving a little bit over here and another little bit over there. Some will pay a little bit more while others will pay a little bit less. But the bottom line will remain the same. They, the government need €500 million to pay down the bank debts, the debts of the rich, and you and me, the ordinary Joe and Joan, are to be given privilege, whether we want it or not, of stumping up the loot.

This business of appearing to shift the weight around has a long and rather sickening history in Ireland. Here is just a flavour. Several decades ago a Fianna Fail government reduced the road tax on cars to £5 a year (yes, it was in old money). We all hugged ourselves with joy. The truly innocent among us even spoke of road tax having been abolished. However tax offices never closed. The staff remained in place. The machinery still whirred, and in time road tax reappeared large as life and twice as ugly.

The same game is playing out now. This Fine Gael/Labour coalition, this large servant of the rich elite, is determined to insert the thin of a water charges wedge. If the Irish people can be gulled into tolerating it, without too much fuss, without a political bloodbath at the local and euro elections, then they are home and dry. Then they will crank up the charges a little at a time, there is after all general elections in 2016 to consider. Once that milestone is passed they can let rip. Then we will have to think twice before washing our hands, flushing the toilet or showering the children.

Water charges must be stopped now. This beast be strangled at birth. What are we to do? We can begin by turning the elections on the 23rd of this month into a referendum on the issue. The local and euro elections can be used as a stick with which to beat those who are out to fleece us again. Punish Fianna Fail who first proposed charging for water. Punish Fine Gael whose passion for water charges is driven by a deep contempt for the ordinary people of Ireland. Wreak a terrible revenge on the Labour Party, the pretend champions of ordinary people, who have betrayed us at every turn. Let us also have a good long look at Sinn Fein. They oppose the charges, or not, depending on which day of the week it is. They must be made to climb down off that fence.

We must give our votes to those who consistently fight austerity, who opposed water charges for the beginning. People Before Profit is the front rank of these. We have always said that the rich must pay their own debts. As for the rest of us, we can’t pay, we won’t pay. People Before Profit is building a campaign of resistance, of public protest and civil disobedience. Getting our candidates elected is part of this. Successful candidates will use their positions to rally the people to resistance. Winning seats on its own will not be enough. Only an organised collective fight back by the people will bring victory. Only People Power will win the day. Our Government knows this. That is why E. Gilmore has such a bad dose of the trots.



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People Before Profit stands record number of candidates for South Dublin County Council elections

PRESS RELEASE:People Before Profit stands record number of candidates for South Dublin County Council elections


The People Before Profit Alliance is standing a record number of candidates for SDCC in the upcoming election. The four selected candidates were officially nominated today at the SDCC offices in Tallaght.

The candidates are:
Cllr Gino Kenny – Clondalkin
Ruth Nolan – Lucan
Nicky Coules – Tallaght South
John Flanagan – Rathfarnham
Simultaneously, a national launch of 43 candidates was taking place in Buswell’s Hotel with the publication of the local election manifesto.

Some of the issues in the ‘Local Government Manifesto’ includes:

1. No to Water Charges – Mobilise the community to resist

2. Full transparency and democratic oversight of council budgets

3. Tackle the housing crisis – build more social housing and introduce rent controls
4. Reverse the privatisation of local services
Cllr Gino Kenny said: ‘People have had enough of broken promises from the mainstream parties. It’s time to elect radical candidates who will help encourage the local community to fight back against the governments austerity agenda.’
Ruth Nolan said: ‘I’m delighted to stand as a candidate in the Lucan area for People Before Profit. We need a real change in local politics, we need more transparency and democracy on council level to give the power back to the people.’
Nicky Coules said: ‘Water charges is the main issue we’re encountering on the doorsteps. People simply can’t afford to pay for water, on top of all the other stealth taxes like household charge, property tax and Universal Social Charge.’
John Flanagan said: ‘I have seen the ugly face of austerity in the health service where I work as a mental health nurse for the Dublin Simon Community. While the bankers walk away free ordinary people are paying the price for their crimes.’
For information or a copy of the manifesto contact:
Cllr Gino Kenny  085 7211574
Ruth Nolan  086 8540030
Nicky Coules 086 8532326
John Flanagan 086 7337783
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